Island Vehicle Care

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Why Choose IVC?

"We are dedicated to the care of Bermuda’s automobile owners and are committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards within the automotive industry.  We actively operate in a way that recognizes and understands the industry and acts as the trusted link between it and the consumer.

We aim to help raise the standards within Bermuda's automotive industry and give consumers like you added confidence in the industry and the professionals who drive it."


An Interactive Online Company

IVC offers its services online with clear, user friendly information and instructions.

You don't have to waste your time waiting in line to drop off your car and explain what you need and sign forms etc. etc.

Simply click on whatever you need and fill out the form for whichever service you require so we can respond accurately and efficiently to move forward and keep you informed.

Most of our services are pre-paid to further reduce your wasted time, and you will receive detailed, easy to understand reports for any estimates, repairs or maintenance carried out.

                  WHAT IS ISLAND VEHICLE CARE?

A professional automotive service provider that you can trust.

IVC is managed by an Advanced Automotive Engineer with over 20 years of experience working within the automotive industry both in the UK and Bermuda.

Armed with advanced diagnostic techniques working with all makes and models, constantly updated technical training, experience with fleet management and warranty administration,  and in-depth knowledge about the logistics of running a modern professional garage, you can be assured that the level of service will be the best.


We have been collecting data from the automotive sector over the years to see just how much is being spent on vehicle maintenance, the amount of mileage that motorists are driving each year, the common problems with different vehicles, and customers experiences with different garages.

We continue to gather this information and use it to provide you with professional services that you can trust.

The Automotive Industry

Bermuda's automotive industry suffers from poor public perception, vehicle owners still report feelings of mistrust about the level of work recommended to them by garages and the feeling of being ‘ripped off’, "do I really need to spend my money to replace those parts right now?"  "Is the technician qualified and/or trained enough to be working on my vehicle?"

There are far too many incidents of vehicles waiting months for repairs or parts, problems being incorrectly diagnosed and parts being replaced that aren't needed. There are no enforced standards without resorting to costly legal processes and some so called 'industry professionals' take full advantage of this, even a 2nd opinion is questionable because just how much more can you trust the next technician, receptionist or manager?.

If you are just looking for a basic oil change or brakes service then the basic level of competence is fine in most cases, but you cannot expect a mechanic of this level to be able to efficiently and accurately diagnose and repair the more complex problems, you will be paying more and receiving less, if anything at all.

As technology is ever advancing so must the industry keep up with the training required to understand it, automotive technology has evolved drastically over the last 50 years and continues to do so.  True professionals will constantly push to keep up and understand the changes, the rest will get left behind.

So how can you, the average motorist, know just who to trust?  You can always ask to see the certificates of the mechanic or technician that is working on your vehicle, but without some research you may not know just what level they represent and the true level of professionalism that is being applied to your vehicle, you will have to pay and may never find out if you were fairly charged or not.

Until now.