Island Vehicle Care

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A professional safety inspection is a non-invasive check that will highlight whether there is any immediate maintenance that may be required on the vehicle.

This is useful for buying or selling a used car:-

- As a seller this certificate will obviously attract more attention to your car

- As a buyer this information could help you avoid those 'Lemons'

A safety inspection can even be carried out on your vehicle just for your own peace of mind.


Our Safety Inspection is carried out using a check sheet developed by our Advanced Automotive Engineer that covers all visually accessible systems and components.

After the inspection the information will be compiled and the sheet will be emailed to you with a report containing the results of the inspection including estimates for any maintenance that is found to be required.

If any required maintenance is not safety related then a 'Pass stamp' will be issued which can be added to any sale advert.

Safety Inspection price - $100

If you would like to arrange a Safety Inspection simply complete the form to the right.

The Safety Inspection will be carried out at Gaven Black's Auto, 15 King Street, Hamilton, and will be complete within one hour.

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Thank you for requesting our Safety Inspection. Please provide payment of $100 to begin this process.

- You can use the online bill payment option through Clarien Bank Limited.

- You can make an online transfer to Island Vehicle Care @ Clarien Bank Limited, account no. 6000084763.

Please remember to include your name or vehicle license number as the reference.

- You can call 705-1685 to pay with a credit or debit card such as Mastercard or VISA.

- You can visit our Engineer at GB’s Auto, 15 King Street to pay by cash, debit or credit card.

A receipt will then be emailed to you for your records

Upon receipt of your payment you will be contacted to arrange/confirm your appointment.
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* Please note that this is a non-invasive inspection, we cannot report what we cannot see.

Please read our terms and conditions for more details.