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There is a process for purchasing and licensing a used car:-

Step 1 -The seller has to obtain a 'Transfer Test' pass certificate through BECL.

Step 2 -The seller has to complete and sign their bill of sale on the back of the their license slip.  If the vehicle is under more than one name then all signatures must be present.

Step 3 -The buyer pays the seller and receives the bill of sale.  The buyer must have an assessment number available.

Step 4 -The buyer purchases insurance for the vehicle, note - insurance cannot be transferred between people.

Step 5 -The buyer takes the bill of sale and insurance certificate to TCD to license the vehicle in their name.  The seller may wish to keep the license number for their next vehicle in which case you must request a new number.

If a new number is requested you will be given new license plates along with your license slip, which must be fitted to the vehicle.

Buying a used car is always a risky business if you're not sure what to look out for, we can help ease your mind with a professional Safety Inspection, Click here for more details.

Some of the vehicle ads may include the above icon, this means that the vehicle has already passed an IVC safety inspection.

Compact (A-C class)

Medium (D - F class)

Peugeot 207sw


VW Beetle


Peugeot 207 cc

$10,000 ono

Grande (G-H class)

PT Cruiser


Hyundai Veloster


VW Eos


The cars advertised on this website are for sale by private owners or their representatives.
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