Island Vehicle Care

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To the customer it’s a service that takes away the use of your vehicle for a day, costs you hundreds of dollars, and doesn’t appear to have made any significant improvement to your vehicle (unless you had a significant problem before the service).  Then you are informed that you need to spend even more money on additional maintenance or repairs!

So why bother?

Because these things are necessary for your vehicle to continue running in an efficient manner, reduce the chance of breakdown, prolong the life of mechanical components and to maintain road-worthiness.  Basically to provide overall greater reliability, economy and resale value.  Without this maintenance parts will wear out causing additional damage and greater costs.  Additional unexpected repairs are found during a service because that is part of the service; to find and fix a problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

Bermuda is considered a harsh driving environment with the slow speeds, winding bumpy roads and high temperatures.  This means that increased servicing is required as recommended in every vehicle manufacturers user manual.

But what exactly is a service and how much should it cost?

It can vary greatly depending on which garage you take it to, some garages may be much cheaper than others but may not carry out as much work; other garages may be much more expensive but may actually provide less work.  The cost depends on the labour rate of the garage and the supplied parts.

There are basically two levels of service for the average vehicle; a Comprehensive service and an Intermediate service.


As it's name suggests this is an in depth maintenance operation that should take approximately three hours and include the cost of cleaning materials, fluids, filters and spark plugs (if applicable)

This service should be carried out every 12 months or 12,000km as an average mileage.

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A less intensive maintenance operation that should take approximately one hour with the cost of an oil filter and engine oil.

This service is advisable to be carried out every 6 months, and for low mileage users every other year instead of the comprehensive service.

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If two matching cars were to be used over a ten year period, one with regular maintenance and the other with minimal, the first car would be worth twice as much as the other, that’s assuming the other car managed to make it that long.